Lila Bernstein-Newman
Graduated from BA(Hons)Design at Goldsmiths, UoL with First Class Honours in 2019.
Distinction in 3D Design from Camberwell, UAL foundation.
Feel free to email me for my CV or for further information about any of my work (find my contact details at the bottom of this page)

Interdisciplinary practitioner working with projects and briefs that span from film and graphics to research and objects. My work often has a focus on narratives, story telling and critique - see( Bias Possibilities, Entangled Architectures ), Also technologies, health and performance - see (Microscopes and Manipulation and Odd Monitoring).

I work in lots of collaborative projects and individually also, what I bring to both is a way of working that uses constant experimentation and research throughout. I am inquisitive and critical and enjoy working with scientific themes. For my last project, Microscopes and Manipulation, I continually carried out research in multiple laboratories and created a workshop as part of the Open Platform at the Wellcome Collection.

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Handcoded by Lila Bernstein-Newman