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Entangled Architectures

Dancing binds human to human. Superposition dancing binds proton to neutron. Large scale entanglement dancing binds human to building. 

A film and performance piece created alongside Lucy Faherty, Sabina Islas, Olivia Mackrill and Zeyang Zheng. After discovering a joint interest in physics and the book "Reality is Not What it Seems" by Carlo Rovelli, Architectural Empathy is an exploration into what would happen if some of the laws from quantum physics were to be scaled up to affect humans. This piece was presented as a fictional condition whereby macro quantum entanglment had caused individuals to build up a worsening state of hyper-connectivity with a building they had recently touched. These platonic connections drew on obsessions with the materiality of the building (in this case the National Theatre in London was used). The objects created allowed for movement and a dance-like connectivity with the building, mirroring the way Jim Al-Khalili and JohnJoe McFadden describe quantum superposition “It is the proton and neutron simultaneously dancing an intimate waltz and a fast jive that allows them to bind together.”

The project was then developed with a performance whereby entangled people walk along a hughstreet in concrete platforms design to exactly fit the shapes of paving stones. Two entangled people come to meet on the same path and help each other in the continuation of their performance.

Handcoded by Lila Bernstein-Newman