Moon Cheese

1 & 1/2 day coding project

Made with Olivia Mackrill and Abbie La Rooy. In order to test out some coding skills in using Arduino and Processing we decided to make a simple interactive story about getting into space. We used face detetction and the live web cam footage to show the players' faces on the screen and subsequently allow them to "wear" the space helmet. Below the webcam footage is an inventory of items they read about in the story as needed to get into space. They can get these items by pressing the buttons on the images in the story. This was made using capacitative technology and booleans in the code to make the images appear. Once in space they can collect the Moon Cheese and plant a flag to receive a space explorer badge. The cursor is replaced with a star that changes colour when you turn a potentiometer dial.

Handcoded by Lila Bernstein-Newman